Veterans and Military

Family Emergency Relief Organization

Sponsor’s Page

We would not be able to accomplish anything without the generosity of our sponsors.  They allow us the ability to assist veterans and military families through out the year to ensure that they have the necessities and quality of life they deserve.  Our unofficial motto is the more we can reach, the more we can help, and our sponsors make that possible.

Click here for the sponsorship levels and registration form!

We offer a wide variety of benefits for our sponsors, depending on your level of sponsorship.

  • The most important benefit is the knowledge that you are helping veterans and military families that have volunteered to defend our freedoms.
  • All proceeds stay in the Wyobraska area.  Local neighbors helping each other!
  • All of our supplies are bought from local business.

Sponsors will also receive:

  • Logo and contact information, website, social media and other bits of information on sponsor’s page
  • Logo in participant booklet that will be given to every participant
  • Mentioned in live remotes as sponsors
  • Mentioned in local media pushes, including: radio, newspaper, press releases, and social media
  • Links to website and social media posts through Warrior Run and VMFERO Facebook pages and Twitter
  • Sponsors will also be able to include giveaways in bags that will be given to each participants
  • Name or logo on race t-shirt
  • Name and/or logo posted at race location

Click here to download our race poster.  Please help us promote our event by hanging it in your breakroom or window!

If you have any questions about a sponsorship, the Warrior Run, or VMFERO, please contact David Wolf at 402-770-4680 or email us at

Thanks for you support!